former_airline: Postcards from No Man's Land
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Side A

  In Today's World

  Postcards from No Man's Land

  Insane Modernities

  On the Sea of Fog

  Dubby the Heaven


Side B

  Paint This December Blue

  Destroy What Destroys You

  Walking Mirrors

  S. Sontag in the Psykick Dancehall


Catalogue number: CAR-44

Format: Cassette tape + download code

Price: ¥1500+tax




今回のフルアルバム「Postcards from No Man's Land」に収録された曲のいくつかは2019年に録音され、多くは2020年に新型コロナウィルスによるパンデミックのなか自宅にこもり録音されたもの。





former_airlineの音楽は、21世紀のパニックと情報過多を表現しているが、それを超えて希望に満ち忘られている未来が、世界を悩ましている精神的な夢の空間へと導いているよう。アルバム「Postcards from No Man’s Land」では、閉所恐怖症的な感覚、モートリック、アーバン、インダストリアルな要素がドリーミー、サイケデリック、トランスの要素へ途切れなく溶け込んでいく。



Masaki Kubo has been exploring and developing his sound since the 1990s through various bands and his own experiments with guitar, electronics, tape and more. This sonic cosmos came together under the name former_airline towards the end of the millennium’s first decade, which has drawn comparisons to author J.G. Ballard and been referred to as “sci-fi psycho-eroticism” or "dystopian snapshots”. Focusing on cassette tapes, he has released eight albums from labels in Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France and other countries around the world.


Some of the songs on Postcards from No Man's Land were recorded in 2019, with most recorded at home during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and Kubo explains that this transitional situation was something he felt it was important to express with this album:


‘It's a work that I really wanted to release “now” as a record of the sounds before and after the disappearance of casual everyday life into the space occupied by distant memories and the world’s drastic transformation into this new normal. It's like a letter from someone staring into an unknown emptiness.’


While focused on instrumental music, former_airline’s music expresses the panic and information overload of 21st century life, but goes beyond that into the psychic dream-space whose hopeful but half-forgotten futures still haunt the waking world. In Postcards from No Man’s Land, the claustrophobic, motorik, urban and industrial bleeds seamlessly into the dreamlike, psychedelic and trancelike. Influences from post-punk, krautrock, minimal wave, shoegaze, dub and acid house filter through, but Kubo takes them and crafts his own sonic universe, both optimistic and rooted in the chaos of present reality.


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