P-iPLE「Missing Idols」

7-inch EP + zine







Gone mad

Boys are boys




Dark matter





Catalogue No. CAR-38


Format: 7インチEP+zine


Price: ¥2000+tax

『Missing Idols』は東京のパンクカルテット・P-iPLEの単独音源第2作にして、初のアナログリリースとなる。本7インチEPに収録された6曲は、東京のパンクライブハウス・二万電圧にて、概ね1日で録音。過去作に引き続き、バンドのルーツであるパンクロックやライオットガールの騒々しくラウド、またふざけ心とキャッチーな要素をよりシャープに進化させる半面、陰鬱でダークな側面も顔を覗かせている。

今作『Missing Idols』には、米TV局CARTOON NETWORKの深夜枠「Adult Swim」が制作した、2022年のYouTubeコンピレーション『Japan is Loud』に提供した「Dark Matter」を収録。また、2021年のUSインディーズコンピレーション『Inside Joe Vol.1』に提供した「Boys are boys」の再録も収録。


Missing Idols is the second EP/mini-album from Tokyo punk quartet P-iPLE, and the band's first analogue release. The 6 songs included in this 7-inch EP were recorded in roughly one day at legendary Tokyo punk venue Ni-man Den-atsu and sharpens theband's catchy and playful punk rock and riot grrrl side while also showing an evolution in their sound to incorporate darker elements.

"Missing Idols" includes the song "Dark Matter" which appeared on the 2022 YouTube compilation "Japan is Loud" produced by Adult Swim, as well as a re-recording of the song "Boys are boys" which featured on the 2021 US indie compilation "Inside Joe Vol.1".

The EP has a DIY and analogue theme and every copy of the physical edition includes a self-produced zine containing stories and art of band members and friends.

In addition to the regular version, there is also limited version featuring handmade one-of-a-kind jacket art available directly from the label or band.



Vocals: Madca
Guitar: Mayumi
Bass: Mon

Drums on album by Yossy

Recorded and mixed by Xava
Cover art by SHORGEMASATAKAR (The Telepashits)
Jacket design by Mon (P-iPLE)


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