Waikiki Champions: Vibes

Digital single





1. Vibes

2. Vibes (Foodman remix)


Format: Digital single

Price: Free (pay-what-you-want/投げ銭)


Cover art: Hiroyuki Murakami 

Recording: Yoshigino Pro 

助成: (公財)仙台市市民文化事業団

Waikiki Champions are a band from Sendai in northern Japan, where they have for a long time been making riotous post-punk/no-wave party sounds at the centre of the Aoba Nu Noise series of events and parties, helping to host a diverse range of the hottest contemporary underground music from around Japan and supporting the scene in their own area. This new digital single is a taster for their first fill album「街」(City), coming in 2022 from Call And Response Records, and features a remix by celebrated Japanese electronic producer Foodman.

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