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Artist: LLRR

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Format: Cassette

Catalogue No.: CAR-43

Price: ¥1000+tax/shipping


Track list:

A1 - 週末のフール

A2 - Psycho Prism

A3 - 境界

B1 - Anonymous

B2 - Fastcore Mad Impression

B3 - Flash Back Drive





LLRR(ルルロロ)は2017年に京都にてボーカリストのヨコタミナミ(元o’summer vacation)、ギタリストのサノユズル(Sizenkai no Okite、Word、one、no key.)、ドラマーのタニタカヤ(元otori、元Worst Taste、元o’summer vacation)を中心に結成された。






LLRR  (pronounced "lew-lew-low-low") formed in Kyoto in 2017 around the core members of vocalist Minami Yokota (ex-o’summer vacation), guitarist Yuzuru Sano (Sizenkai no Okite, Word, one, no key.) and drummer Takaya Tani (ex-otori, Worst Taste, o’summer vacation).


The band describe their music as being characterised by repetition, conflict, openness, anxiety and instability. Yokota explains that her creative energy is partly driven by a spiral of frustration at being unable to express herself fully, while Sano tried to keep a sense of separation between his guitar parts and the song, avoiding riffs and chord progressions. Meanwhile, Tani’s drums form a repetitive contrast with the disconnected guitar parts. Each member is conscious of a sense of pop music, but with each seeing pop in their own different, disconnected way, resulting in music that reaches out to the listener but retains a chaotic sort of uniqueness.


Released on streaming services last year, this debut EP is now appearing for the first time to buy on Bandcamp and in a limited cassette format.

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